Feng Shui your Sex Life

Location, location, location! A prime location is valuable real estate in your sex life. Take a quick look around where you’re currently making love. Is it inviting and sexual? What about the  sounds, smells and décor? Is it seductive or chaotic? Relaxing or stressful?

Sex needs a seductive place to smolder. Are there clothes piled up on the treadmill and chaos on your nightstand? Are their pictures of your children cluttering the nightstand? Is your bedding old? Does your room smell unclean? Is it an inviting place for sexual intimacy? Every detail of your location can be improved to support and inspire sex.

Make your bedroom a place for sexual aMUSEment: 

  • Declutter: Your bedroom should be restful and tranquil.
  • Unplug: No bedroom electronics allowed. They can be a distraction and a barrier to connecting with your partner.
  • Hideaway: Create a hideaway for sexual accessories and special lubes in a drawer
  • Mood Lighting: Light dimmers for soft mood lighting to set the sensual tone. Candlight is also a nice touch for sexual ambience. Especially for aromatherapy.
  • Adults Only: We love our kids but there’s plenty of other spots to be reminded of them outside of the bedroom. Remove all pictures of children and keep the focus on each other.
  • Eye Stimulation: Consider some erotic art or books to excite you.
  • Be Bold: A bold new color can recharge a boring bedroom.
  • “Let’s Get it On”: Make a playlist of music for sex. Slow and calm pairs perfectly with sensual, while something with a bit of a beat can turn things banging.