Relieve Stress. Enjoy Sex. Repeat.

Bad day at the office? Kids acting out?  Bills to pay at home? Stress that surrounds us on a daily basis depletes our sexual energy.  Chronic stress can directly impact your sexual interest and libido. Testosterone levels, which have been linked to sexual desire, can plummet during times of chronic anxiety and stress.

However, navigating stress can help boost sexual desire. Sex can be a great stress reliever and it has the added benefit of maintaining intimacy with your partner.  “Sexercise” releases feel good hormones like oxytocin and endorphins, which can help soothe stress, decrease anxiety  and improve your mood.

So how can we alleviate stress for a sexier, healthier life?

  • Pick a passion: Find something that brings you joy, and distracts you from stress, like a hobby or activity.
  • Meditate: Breathe, find your center, and slowly release what stresses you.
  • Wander: Give your mind a rest by letting it wander. Read a book. Watch a comedy. Or enjoy a show with your partner.
  • Eat: Learn how to cook a fancy dinner. Bake something sensual and full of dark chocolate with your partner. Time in the kitchen can be time to connect.
  • Stretch: Yoga or Tai Chi is great exercise physically and mentally.
  • Move: Exercise, weight training, HIIT classes – once you start moving your mind relaxes and takes focus of what’s stressing you out.  

Are you practicing mindfulness… or is your mind just full? Work and social obligations, social media, emails and so on, can fog our minds and affect our sexual arousal and satisfaction.  Staying focused and concentrating on your own sexual response can be difficult, but staying focused on your body, its responses, sensations and the touch and feel of sexual pleasure can help create a positive feedback loop. Good feelings beget good feelings.

So pay attention to the sexual feelings pulsating through your entire body. Let stress melt away and focus on your sexual energy and vitality. Mindful sex will transform sex into a mutually satisfying and dynamic encounter filled with sensuality, indulgence and love.