Sexual Health is Overall Health

Sexual health and general health are intertwined. We know that the effects of an excellent sexual interlude have far reaching benefits on your hormones, brain chemicals and your overall body.  Some of the most important aspects to a healthy and satisfying sex life include being in your best physical and mental health.

EXERCISE: Let’s Get Physical

We all gain a few pounds and begin to feel unsexy.  Bringing exercise back into your life is a positive first step!  Energy levels rise once you get off that couch and begin walking or jogging. And lovemaking? That’s the best aerobic workout!  Sexual activity can boost your heart rate and it exercises many muscles including your pelvic floor, buttocks and thigh muscles. A vigorous, long lovemaking session can burn up to 200 calories per half hour and orgasming maximize your caloric burn! So, skip that cheesecake dessert, add some exercise in your daily routine, and plan a hot sexual encounter. Feeling energized and fit can improve your sexual stamina!

SLEEP: Sex and Slumber  

Trouble falling asleep?  Or having restless nights? Sex may be the answer to your sleep woes.  Fatigue and exhaustion are a big barrier to sexual activity.  Lack of sleep has been linked to mood disorders like depression, memory problems, and feeling anxious, as well as changes in sexual hormones.  Getting enough sleep also helps with maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure.

Oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” and sleep quality have been linked together. This intimacy hormone is released during orgasm and promotes sleep. After sex, your dopamine falls and prolactin rises, and these changes are linked with feelings of relaxation, sleepiness and overall general satisfaction.